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Find out how the smoke magic happens at Gabe’s Meat Market.

Smoking only the Best

We asked Mike how he creates his perfected mouth watering jerkies and meats. This is how he’s smoking away his competition.

Dedication is what it takes. Mike starts his days at Gabe’s hours before the store opens. The smoke master starts the day around six in the morning. When he first arrives he takes inventory on which savory treats need to be crafted to fill the high demand. This is also when he takes special time to fill custom orders for clients.

Mike has a gold standard of never accepting anything below perfection. He said, “If we aren’t proud of the meat we are using or happy with the way something turns out it either gets shipped back or tossed. This job is about quality.” This tactic has truly set Gabe’s apart from their competition.

Mike’s passion for meat comes in part from helping his dad make jerky when he was eleven years old. While they didn’t have a garage, it didn’t stop them from doing what they loved and made do with a backyard setup. Since these formative memories were created in 1982, Mike has perfected his recipes to smokey deliciousness.

On average Gabe’s smokers are running eight hours a day. They’re smoking around 162,000 pounds a year. When you walk into the store you can savor the mouth watering aromas.

The longest smoked meat, smokes up to ten hours to lock in that bold flavor. Gabe’s ensures all of their meats have that rich taste we crave.

On average Gabe’s smoke around 600 pounds of meat daily. There are a few days of the year they close to spend time with their loved ones over the holidays. But, other than that Mike is constantly running the smoker.

When we asked Mike what his personal favorite is. He told us hands down it has to be the asparagus cheddar brats. This is a seasonal product for Gabe’s. I’m already counting down the days until I can order mine.

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