Satisfy your cravings with our mouth watering meats. Each batch is quality controlled and smoked to perfection.
You can’t beat our meat.

Bon Appetit!
Get Ready to Eat.

Find out what all the rave is about. You can order right here from the website or visit us at the store for more options. Looking for something special? Send us a message, we’d love to collaborate with you on a customized order.

Always made in-house, always delicious!

Every part of the trimming, cooking, marinading, and smoking is done in-house. Creating savory foods that satisfy our customers is what we love to do. It truly shows in each item that we cook. Here at Gabe’s we always cook with love. We have our tasty in-house blends and custom favorites, but we also offer services that customize meat orders to the customer’s specific wants. If you’d like something special, reach out to us today.

Over 36 years of experience in cooking great meat

Don’t leave it to an amateur smoker, trust a professional. We’ve been in the meat game for generations now and we’re here to tell you experience makes the difference. We’re ready to show you how we smoke away our competitors.

Fresh Food made Daily

Stop on by for a quick bite to eat. We know that you’re busy and on the go. When you’re looking for a quick meal, we’re here for you. Everyday Gabe’s puts together a fresh homemade cooked meal that’s prepped and ready for you to just grab and go.

More than a Meat Market

Our customers and community are the main driving force behind our store. We love being able to create foods that people love and a community base for events.


We guarantee you’ll love our meats. It tastes delicious every time.


USDA Certified to ensure better quality and better food practices.


We love being a part of the community. That’s why we love putting together events. Come a join us!

Don’t just take our word for it.

The only critic we care about is our customers. We’re in it to make something they love.
Hear it from people who buy our meats. We have local customers and international customers.

Fill up the Cooler
“I always bring a cooler and ice on my way to Michigan to take back a supply of jerky. It’s worth going out of your way for. It’s also a great protein filled snack”.
D. J.
Lexington, KY
Quality Matters
“I’ve been shopping at Gabe’s since they opened in 86’. It’s hard for me to buy any other meat. You know who cared for it and it’s always a quality product”.
S. P.
Maple City, MI
The Perfect Christmas Gift
“Last winter I had a Christmas box sent to a few family members filled with jerky and Gabe’s Holiday sausage. They loved it and look forward to the next Christmas box”.
S. R.
St. Joseph, MI